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Virtual Guided course walks for the 60, 80 and 95cm

For the first time in Australia, riders in the lower levels had the benefit of free virtual guided coure walks thanks to sponsorship from Mitavite. Leading coach and the course designer Sandy Lucas provided

  • a GPS accurate digital course map
  • minute markers (CrossCountry App users)
  • photos of all jumps
  • helpful preparation and riding tips

The courses are available on the crosscountryapp website

View them online or download the courses to the CrossCountry App for offline use and to see minute markers and navigate around the course. CrossCountry App for iPhone/iPad is available on the App Store.

The EvA 105, 1*, 2* and 3* courses are available free for viewing on all smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The courses are available on the crosscountryapp website

Video Interview with Sandy September 2017

Interested in some tips from the expert? Of course you are!

We managed to pin down Sydney Eventing Vice President and designer of the 95, 80 and 60cm courses, Sandy Lucas for a chat about her design game plan and suggestions on how you can best ride your course.

water jump web shot

Q: What were your key objectives in designing these three courses?

S: “Knowing it’s the first event of the season I’ve aimed to build flowing courses that are not as taxing as they could be, but is a great way to kick off the year”

house jump web shot


Q: What elements of cross country schooling will riders be tested on?

S: “There’s a bit of everything, the course goes in a new direction for Intro and Prelim, straight into undulating ground towards the end of the dressage arenas. There’s steps going uphill with a bounce for the 95 and a curving line to a skinny.

We’ve re-introduced the splash for the Intro and Prelim, in fact both classes do all three water complexes and for the 80cm riders there’s a downhill brush before the splash.

Newcomer riders follow an old track, going away from the dressage arenas in the opposite direction to the Intro and Prelim classes. It means that the 60cm jumps are mostly out on their own which will require riders to have good steering because the jumps aren’t framed by those of the other classes. Newcomers do the Olympic Water and the Pond”.

brush jump web shot


Q: What skills do you most want riders to work on while riding this course?

S: “I’m a stickler for the basics, you need to have control and balance, also a feel for the ground and how your horse is travelling. There’s a good variety of jumps and especially with the 60cm, I’ve tried hard to make sure riders are jumping more than just logs. The fact that the Newcomer jumps are placed on their own will be a challenge and I’m interested to see how that goes.”

Sandy, Fi, jump builder Brett and his trusty assistants checking out the almost finished 95cm brush box


Q: Do you enjoy designing the courses?

S: “I’m really enjoying the process actually, it’s almost as thrilling as riding. I get a buzz out of working out whether I’ve made it tough enough, whether I’ve made it too tough and just getting the balance right.

It’s a challenge and I change my mind about the courses constantly, in the end it’s great to see whether what I aim to achieve in terms of how it rides, is actually what happens.


Q: What is different or unique about riding at SIEC?

Mostly the fact that you’re always going up or down, it’s almost never flat and for riders who train on flat ground that’s a challenge. Of course riding on hallowed turf is also a thrill, the fact that the world’s best have ridden on this ground, it’s just such a great facility and horses always seem to travel well here.

New 80cm brush box too…just waiting on the brush

intro BB brush 18 Jump 9A

Q: How should riders feel at the end?

S: “Well hopefully they’re still on their horses and don’t want to lynch me! I hope they’re smiling, have felt challenged but have enjoyed the ride”


Q: Any final tips or things to look out for?

S: “For the 80 and 95cm look out for skinnies, a corner, steps uphill with a bounce for the 95. I’ve also put the Trakehner in the 80cm but there’s a black flag option because it does cause so many issues. For the 60cm riders you need to be able to jump downhill, it’s not a big fence but it’s certainly a question and it’s early in the course”.

A bit to the right…nope, more to the left…Sandy doing the directing

A bit to the right…nope, more to the left…Sandy doing the directing


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